Check-in: limit time, 30 minutes
In high-season and above all during week-ends run times of SS 148 "Pontina", SS 601 "Ostia-Anzio" and SS 207 "Nettunense" and even access roads to the port may be much higher than normally expected times. Do not underestimate possible parking problems.
We beg you to organize your trip with wide margin of time, such to allow you to be in time for the check-in operations.

Remember that there always is the risk of cancellation or delay of trips.
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• Verify before leaving that your booking is actually registered for the day and time you chose.
• Go to the ticket office to collect your tickets.
To collect tickets passenger is required to show to the personnel of check-in points an identity document.
if the person who collects the ticket (or tickets) is not the owner of the credit card used to purchase tickets online, he/she has to collect his/her ticket/s with a proxy released by the credit-card owner with a copy of his/her identity document.
Have documents ready for checking:
ticket office personnel may need to check your identity. Since tickets are personal, we remind you that in case of contention, identity documents may be required for any possible control.
• Declare accompanied baggage.
Be aware that at embarkation the personnel is going to verify effective consistency of your baggage. Any discordance between paid fares and embarked baggage will imply your return to ticket office.
• Show your ticket
at embarkation and go on board.
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