Leaving from Formia

Remember that there always is the risk of cancellation or delaying of the journey
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• Parking:
In front of "Zi' Anna's" restaurant there is a large fee payment parking area.
o Doing the check-in: It is contextual to the purchase of tickets and must take place within 30 minutes from departure time. Ticket office is in front of hydrofoils' embarking area ("banchina azzurra"). Keep on hand an identity document and show it to the counter personnel of ticket office.

if the person who collects the ticket/s is not the owner of the credit card used for the online/phone purchase, it will be required to show a valid authorisation proxy signed by the owner of the credit card and a copy of an identity document of the latter.
• If you have luggage, a dog, a bike:
look up luggage's fares. Board personnel is not strict about measures, but is inflexible as far as the number of declared baggage is concerned. Remember that baggage verification takes place at check point.

• Going on board:
Show your ticket and those of the baggage to the board personnel and you will be admitted into the hydrofoil.

If the Hydrofoil does not leave:
If the hydrofoil does not leave due to the captain's decision - either waved sea or technical problems - you may ask for a refund filling in the schedule downloadable at this website or available at ticket office. Refunds will be effected after having shown unused tickets. We excuse for any possible delay in refunds' procedures, due to concentrated working activity.

If the hydrofoil has already left: If you miss the Hydrofoil's depart, no form of refund will be provided. If you have some doubts you may consult the travel regulation.
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