• Select route and dates on the search bar. The system will give you the opportunity to book either a single route or also the return, by clicking on "Andata e ritorno" "return". Click on "VISUALIZZA CORSE" "SHOW JOURNEYS", and wait for the system to load available journeys. Select your journey clicking on the circle next to it, Click on "SCELTA SISTEMAZIONE" "PLACING".

You may book up to 9 passengers, to book for more than 9 passengers, you will have to repeat the operation. It is also possible to obtain a discount for groups over ten passengers (only adults, over 12). In this case you have to purchase tickets at the phone number (069845083), or sending an email to , or fax the number 069845004, specifying a phone number to be contacted by our operators.

After having verified your data, click on "AVANTI" "GO ON". The system will show you the amount of your tickets. Verify once more inserted data, and click on "AVANTI" "GO ON".

• Insert data of a referring passenger. Fields with an asterisk must be compiled. Then you will have to insert name and surname of all passengers, indicating their sex. (in compliance with the D.M. 13/10/99 as an acknowledgement of CEE directives 98/41 18/06/1998, we inform you that: PASSENGERS INFORMATIONS (art. 4) - all passengers may communicate the company information about their possible need of particular care or assistance in case of emergency. Passengers are anyway required to communicate their personal particulars: SURNAME, NAME, SEX, AGE. Passengers are required to communicate any change that may occur to the above mentioned data, between the date of booking and the departure's one.
After having inserted data click on "AVANTI" "GO ON".

• A new page will appear in which personal particulars of the credit card owner will have to be carefully inserted. Remember that to collect your tickets you'll have to show an ID to the check-point personnel. In case the person who collects the ticket/s is not the owner of the credit card used to purchase tickets, an authorization proxy signed by the credit-card owner, with photocopy of an ID is required. This operation may also be accomplished in advance sending all the documentation via fax at the number 069845004. In this page you will also be required to insert an email address where a booking confirmation will be sent as a PDF attachment.

• Click on "CONFERMA PRENOTAZIONE" "CONFIRM BOOKING" IMPORTANT: After a while a message could advise you that your order confirmation is being sent through a not protected connection. DO NOT WORRY: the confirmation message exclusively contains data about the operation performed, and no data of the credit card used will be deducible. The System will send you to the protected payment page of Banca Sella, where you will have to insert the data to accomplish the payment. Inserting an email address, the bank will send a virtual payment voucher within the details of the accomplished transaction.

• At the end of payment operation a confirmation of the transaction will appear in a PDF format quoting booking number and all other details.
Print both documents and show them at embarkation check point to collect your ticket/s.
In case you shall experience any problems during booking operation, please contact us at or call the phone number : +39069845083
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