Renounces, modification of reservation, penalties, refund .
The passenger may cancel the ticket up to 8 days before departure. If the renounce occurs within this period, Vetor will release an open voucher valid for the same kind of trip, in the year of release. The Open Voucher allows the passenger to book for a new departure. Once that term of 8 days will be elapsed the passenger has the possibility of asking for a single booking transfer within 2 working days before departure without any penalty. No transfer/refund will be allowed after such time limits.
The passenger is allowed to ask for further transfer against payment of a 10,00 € penalty per changed ticket. The request will be accepted only within 2 working days before departure and only in case of availability of seats.

Bought tickets are not refundable
The only provided refund - limited to the cost of the ticket - are concerned to missed departures due to technical problems or unfavourable conditions of the sea. The passenger may anyway ask for either a booking shifting or the release of an Open Voucher to be used within the year and on the same route - the request must be forwarded within the above indicated terms.
Renounces and booking shiftings may be communicated at the phone number : +39069845083 or faxing the number +39069845004.
If the hydrofoil does not leave because of a captain's decision - either unfavourable conditions of the sea or breakdown - you may ask for a refund filling in the schedule downloadable at this site or available at ticket offices. Refunds will be effected on production of the unused ticket. We excuse for any possible delay of refund procedures due to concentrated efforts during summer period.
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Renounces, penalties, refund
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